Topic Name Description
1. Introduction Page Course Structure
Book Reading: Introduction to Firm Valuation

This first chapter gives a brief introduction to the valuation journey ahead of us.

URL Tool: Valuation Tool for Mature Companies
2. Financial Analysis for Managers URL Module Financial Analysis
3. Relative Valuation (Multiples) URL Module Relative Valuation (Multiples)
4. Financial Planning for Managers URL Module Financial Planning
5. The Cost of Capital and Valuation URL Cost of Capital and Valuation
6. Continuing Value URL Continuing Value
7. Coping with Measurement Error Book Reading: Coping with Measurement Error

This section discusses ways to address the issue of measurement error in valuation.

8. Putting it All Together Book Reading: Putting it All Together

By now, we have all the necessary tools to conduct a firm valuation and estimate a confidence interval of potential firm values. The next step is to briefly show how to get from the overall value of the company to its theoretical share price.